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I just had a very helpful parental coaching hour on zoom with Delphine Cedolin. Reminding me how the known concept of Yin and Yang really is part of my (our) life. In every relationship I have with my outer and inner world.

Thank you Delphine


During these parental coaching sessions, I experienced a real transformation, not only as a parent but also as a human being. I contacted Delphine for a very specific point concerning one of my children and I received communication tools that I use today in other spheres such as work or friends. I leant that sometimes saying no to somebody is saying yes to myself, I learnt how to do so at the right moment and in a respectful way. After a few  sessions with Delphine, I became a better person, a better parent and I am very proud of the relationship I have today with my children.


When I started the sessions with Delphine I was going through a parenting burn out. Delphine helped me to find peace of mind and to reorganize my family life. She kindly guided me so that I could find the answers within myself. She gave me practical tools so that I could build a strong and healthy relationship with my children. Her ability to empower and encourage is beyond words.

I thank you for everything.

Damien and Julia

Working with Delphine was a life changer for us. It has changed the way we communicate within the family. Delphine gave us the tools we needed and after a few sessions, we experienced remarkable changes. The benefits of the parental coaching have improved the overall atmosphere of our home.

Thank you Delphine

When I started parental coaching with Delphine, I had just given birth, I was completely devastated and I was encountering huge communication problems in my relationship. I threw a bottle into the sea and the sea brought me to Delphine. I feel like between now and a few months ago they are two different people. Delphine taught me to take time only for myself, to gain self-confidence and to know how to say no. Delphine made me discover another relationship with my children and allowed me to take a step back. There are so many things that have helped me in coaching and one in particular is that I can't force someone to do something. I'm learning to control my emotions and it's a daily job. Thank you so much.


The online meetings with Delphine were extremely professional, efficient and gave us, parents, tools that we were able to put in place immediately. The sessions led to a real positive change within the family, which was felt as soon as we started to apply the advice of the coaching. Throughout the sessions, Delphine acted with sensitivity, attentiveness and professionalism, together we began an approach that will accompany us in the future. Thanks. We are very grateful. This is an invaluable program, especially as we go through such a health crisis.



Dad of 2 children aged 1 and 4  years old


We are often the head in the handlebars, we govern without really being aware of the implications. The sessions with Delphine allowed us to take a step back, to slow down, to learn to enjoy. It was like a breath of fresh air in this crazy race that is everyday life. Thank you dear Delphine.

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