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The holistic approach of psychologist Alfred Adler

The need to feel alive

Alfred Adler started from the principle that everyone aspires to the feeling of belonging and that this is based on three entirely subjective criteria: the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being able and the feeling of being needed._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Getting children to cooperate












When a loved person feels capable and needed, they cooperate, they give their best, and in the end, the whole community benefits.
The Adler method gives concrete tools to parents to help the child develop this feeling of belonging within the family. A child who is encouraged to be independent will feel capable and have good self-esteem. A child who is set clear boundaries and nurtured with empathy as they learn to manage frustration will later grow into an adult who has the tools to face life's challenges. A child who is given the opportunity to make mistakes and draw the consequences for himself will have the courage to embark on innovative projects later because he will not be afraid of failure.


Relationship first





The Adlerian approach emphasizes the relationship. The healthier a relationship is, the more it is based on trust and the more the child will welcome the values that his parents transmit to him.


Different lifestyle

Alfred Adler relies on the concept of lifestyle: each child would be like a blank page at conception and as he perceives life through his experiences and his life, the child in draw conclusions. By changing the experiences or situations with which the child is confronted, we can therefore change the way in which he perceives the world, which will have an impact on his emotions and in fact his reactions. In adolescence, these conclusions that the child has drawn over the years freeze and become his lifestyle as an adult. This explains why the same event can be interpreted in totally different ways by several people.

Choosing change

However, the lifestyle can be changed when the person becomes aware of it and feels the need to change it.
Alfred Adler gave great importance to the fact that as people we have at all times in our lives this capacity to understand our functioning and to change it.

Gardening Together
Family in the kitchen
Playful Family

children aged 16, 18 and 21

Delphine helped me take stock of communication methods with my teenagers. I learned to adapt to each situation thanks to the exercises and the advice of the coaching. Letting go was life-saving for me. Thank you Delphine.

children 2 and 7 years old

These sessions have changed the family atmosphere: less shouting, more laughter, we take more time and we feel less overwhelmed. 

children aged 3 and 10

Take a step back, get your head above water, learn to love and appreciate what you have, let go, that's what the parental coaching sessions with Delphine brought me. Today I am more serene and I feel good in my role as a father. Thanks.

What parents say...

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