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Certified Parental Coach from the Adler Institute

Welcome to my website. I am Delphine Cedolin, parental coach for over 5 years. I support parents towards conscious parenting and give them the tools to implement the changes they want.


I have always been passionate about education and training, I started my career as a trainer and teacher of French as a foreign language, a profession that I practiced for more than 10 years.

After the birth of my second child, lost and in difficulty, facing a reality that was far from what I had imagined, I consulted a parental coach. After only two sessions, I saw incredible results at home and decided to train myself in parenting coaching to help parents create harmonious family relationships.

4 years at the Adler Institute

I was introduced to the Adler method in 3 years of theoretical courses and a year of practical internship in a structure for early childhood. 

The Adler method emphasizes the need that the child has to be supervised in a respectful manner while receiving very clear limits.

Passionate about psychology and non-violent communication courses, I decided to make it my job and become a parental coach.

Collaboration with Town Halls, Associations and Consulates












Once graduated, I started to supervise groups of parents in collaboration with town halls and associations.

At the same time, I also started working with parents on an individual basis in order to be able to provide them with personalized support.

Development of online sessions

The pandemic and the successive confinements have increased the demand for online sessions which today meet the needs of the majority of parents.

Geographical remoteness and lack of time are no longer barriers.

Online support has made parental coaching accessible to all parents through its flexibility and availability.

All types of family













I accompany families of all configurations: traditional, expatriate, mixed, divorced, blended, single-parent, etc...

I provide support for all types of difficulties whether they are related to a particular event or not.

Because each family is different, my role is to support parents so that they can define what they want to put in place at home and give them the tools to do so.

How does parental coaching work ?

Being myself a mother of 4 children, I am aware that theories are often difficult to apply. This is why I concretely guide the parents in the implementation of the changes they wish to make until they are effective.

At each session, parents bring the difficulties they face and they leave with tools that are easy to implement. 

The changes appear quickly and it takes an average of ten sessions to find a new family balance.

Kids Playing
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Happy Family

What parents say ...

 children aged 3, 6 and 7

These sessions helped us a lot and changed our relationship with our children, especially with our eldest, with whom our relationship was completely transformed. 

children aged 8 and 11

When we contacted Delphine, we were completely helpless and on the verge of burnout. I had come to dread the moment of returning home, our relationship as a couple was strained. Delphine was able to listen to us, understand us and inspire us with the means to change things. Thanks.

5 year old twins

Thanks to parental coaching, I understood to what extent my children's behavior mirrored mine. I can see myself yelling at my children telling them not to yell! Today I know how to react in difficult times, I feel more in control, less overwhelmed. Really thank you Delphine.

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