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Between two cultures

Intercultural love is a great adventure that has an impact on the parent we are and on the relationship we create with our children.


Cultural differences enrich us as parents but at the same time bring us many challenges.

Raising children abroad

Position yourself and find solutions

When it comes to parenthood and education, each country, each culture has its own habits and ways of doing things. Thus, depending on the culture, we will approach toilet training, time management, school, social life, the question of meals (which is a real subject for us French!) and many other subjects differently.


Raising our children in contact with another culture confronts us with questions and issues that often take us by surprise.


The situations we face and how we feel as parents sometimes throw us off balance.


The language of the country molds the minds of our children, the culture influences their reactions and these can leave us perplexed.


I bring listening and finding solutions to the difficulties related to interculturality.


Parents from different cultures

During parental coaching for mixed couples, we address the same educational themes from an intercultural angle but also themes specific to the situation, such as the question of language transmission, the cultural or linguistic gap between parents and children, the rejection by our children of certain traits of our culture of origin.


I guide parents to make the difference between the cultural conflict which are superimposed on the interpersonal conflicts in their family relations.


I support and listen to parents who need to express their feelings about the double culture in which their children are growing up, to take stock of the situation and decide which direction to follow.

Father and Son Playing

What parents say...

Mother of 2 children aged 13 and 15
French-English couple

Thank you Delphine for this precious help. I was able to put my family life in order. Today I feel soothed after struggling for so long. We think we are open-minded, yet accepting the difference hurts sometimes.

Father of a 9 year old
French-Swedish couple

We called on Delphine  at a time when our relationship was faltering and our differences in education were leading to conflict upon conflict. Parental coaching has taught us beyond what we had imagined.

Mother of 2 children aged 8 and 11
American-Israeli couple

I contacted Delphine after my divorce. I questioned everything, I felt stuck in my life, in this country where my children were born, I was in pain. This coaching allowed me to accept, to let go of certain things and to  focus on the essentials: my relationship with my children.

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