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Delphine Cedolin
Online Parental Coach

For a peaceful family life  -  Adler approach

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Why to contact a parental coaching ?

Parental coaching gives you the tools you need to create a more harmonious family life, reduce anger and better manage conflicts. 

It is an accompaniment that allows you to become the parent you want to be. 


What is parental coaching about?

Parenting coaching is based on the principles of non-violent communication, the understanding of the stages of child development and the discoveries of neuroscience in order to support you in the implementation of new mechanisms that will bring about behavioral changes on a daily basis. for a more serene life.


The benefits of parent coaching...

Take a step back, ask yourself the right questions about your habits, decide what you want to change, put an end to feelings of guilt, cries and regrets. 


Parental coaching gives you the opportunity to turn to conscious parenting, as advocated by psychologist Alfred Adler, in order to no longer act like an automaton and to learn techniques to better manage human crises and frustrations.

"Let us have the courage to be imperfect" Alfred Adler

children aged 3 and 5 year olds


Thank you very much dear Delphine for these rich lessons which I am sure will accompany us for many years.

children aged 4 and 8  years old

I realized that some painful situations that seem inevitable and repeat themselves constantly can be avoided if we have the psychological tools that allow it.

children aged 14, 16 and 17

Delphine is an excellent coach. By following her advice, I have seen a real improvement in my relationships with my children and in the family environment. I highly recommend.

Parents say ...

Parental Coaching

Individual Coaching
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Group Coaching

Intercultural Coaching
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delphine cedolin

Adler Institute Certified Coach

mother of 4 children

I give efficient and easy-to-implement tools

My online parental coaching is accessible from everywhere and helps you to create a serene family atmosphere within a few weeks.

Send me a message and let's schedule a first appointment.


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